About Us

Atim Otii, President

Gulu GO is Atim's vision driven by her family roots in Northern Uganda. Her Acholi parents, with the help of a non-profit from Denver, fled Uganda and Idi Amin's rule in the late 70's. All of Atim's extended family remains in Uganda. She currently practices immigration law in Denver.

Each year volunteers from the US and Uganda accompany Atim to Gulu. They take time out of their personal and professional lives to fundraise, organize, and conduct the camp.

Ageno Otii, Secretary

Ageno, Atim's sister coordinates Gulu GO's leadership development program. She currently works as a case manager and life skills trainer for individuals recently released from incarceration in Denver County.

Claire Swinbank, Treasurer

Claire and Atim were teammates on the San Diego State Women's Basketball team from 1998 - 2002. Claire is responsible for Gulu GO's budget and strategic planning. She currently resides in Cincinnati working as a buyer for Procter & Gamble.